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Enjoy the Finest All-Natural Ingredients at an Affordable Price. 

Our chicken, turkey and ham are all-natural.  The burgers are 100% grade A beef... like they were back when the Gateway Clipper Fleet first started sailing the Three Rivers.  

 Come by and taste our delectable sandwiches or one of our many other selections in our dining room or grab-n-go to enjoy them anywhere!

The Café Crew Looks Forward to Serving You! 


Weekly Specials

Buy Your Gateway Clipper Fleet Tickets at the Café! 

Enjoy every moment of your time at Station Square!

  1. Choose your cruise & buy your tickets at the Gateway Clipper Café

  2. Let us make you a delicious meal!

  3. Take your time and enjoy the shops at Station Square then head down to the dock to board your riverboat!